Monday, July 28, 2014

Blue and White

shirt: vintage - jeans: mango (asos) - satchel, sandals: primark

I'm all about the blue/white combo at the mo. This denim shirt is one of the forgotten treasures I own; every summer it seems to make a grand reappearance that reminds me of my love for it and what I have been missing that past year. I always want to wear it in winter but the sleeves are so darn mahoosive (mens XL in da house) that if they go under my jackets I get those huge awkward bulges half way up my arm that leave me looking like the Michelin Man and severely restrict arm movement. Thus it has become a staple summer piece. A rather rambly explanation but I think you all get the picture.

I cannot believe July is coming to an end ALREADY. Where on earth has this month gone?? Results day is getting far too close for comfort. August is gonna be a busy month; weddings, family and of course results. Hope you're all having an amazing summer, what are everyone's plans for August?


Friday, July 25, 2014

When in Paris

t shirt, tote, sandals: primark - maxi trousers: monsoon

Here is my, I think, long overdue outfit from Paris the other week. Now when one goes to Paris, I feel it's mandatory to try and wear the most parisian outfit you can put together. These trousers are one of my favourite pieces I own but due to the extreme flare and polka dot nature of them I rarely find appropriate occasions to wear them in day to day life. However I felt Paris was THE occasion to wear them. They didn't get by without a little wear and tear though aka I got nutella on them while eating a crepe oh so elegantly with my hands on a street corner. But hey ho, when in Ro...Paris.