Wednesday, October 22, 2014


sleeveless waistcoat: c/o choies - leather jacket: warehouse - jeans: asos - scarf, boots: h&m

Okay, so the wind yesterday was utterly and ridiculously cold and strong. Am I right or am I right?!? The colder weather has finally graced us with its presence, although I wasn't expecting it yesterday. It sprung upon me when it was too late to go back home and put on a bigger coat. Weeellll actually that's a lie because I got my times mixed up yesterday and ended up being an hour early for class; but what does one do when they have an hour to spare on Oxford Street? Buy this amazing new scarf, that's what. Grey and camel scarves are everywhere this season and I love them. They're so classic and simple and really add some chic pizzazz to an outfit.  I love the way it looks styled with some leather and this amazing new sleeveless waistcoat from Choies billowing in the wind behind me. A good scarf and tailoring is where it's at this season.


Monday, October 20, 2014

Rocky Mountain

jumper, trousers, boots: c/o missguided - leather jacket: warehouse

This week I had the pleasure of styling a look from the Missguided rocky mountain collection, which basically gives the humble lumberjack a 90s edge. Not gonna lie, when I saw these trousers I was sold. As soon as I tried them on they instantly became one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. They're a bit longer on me than I think they're supposed to be because of my lack of height but I honestly prefer them this length; it makes them more winter friendly and just gives such a cool edge. Everything else just kinda fell into place when I saw the trousers. I chose a trusty cable knit because you can never have too much knitwear and these boots, oohhh boy these boots. They're hands down the craziest thing I own, I've never worn anything as high as them and never knew what it was like to be about 5"9. They've opened my eyes to a world I never knew. Height. Although walking to Brick Lane in them was a serious task.